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Company Culture


*Sincerely ,honesty,Gain the trust of others to be from the bottom of my heart.Study with sincerity and establish a business with sincerity.


*Proactively maintain when someone discovers that the company’s interests are harmed; discover and encourage good people and good things;Find out the unreasonable system or process of the company and propose improve suggestions.Point out helpful or report timely when see the colleagues have the wrong things.

Customer first

*We respect our customers and always make them realize that we are a professional manufacturer and exporter with scale and excellent quality.

* Patience for the customer system and answer every question in detail until the customer has zero questions for us.

* Face the customer's disregard, fault,blame, we should reflect on the problems actively at the first time,And correct mistakes in time, change attitudes or change direction.

* Every times,communication is based on the customer's position to think about the problem, on the basis of adhering to the principle, good at cater to the customer's preferences, and ultimately  achieve a win-win situation between customers and the company.

* Identify and control potential risks that may occur in each collaboration in a timely manner.

* Treat each customer with a good start and a good end. If you don't want to give up, you can't give up first, even if you don't have orders should also be kept in regular contact as a friends.

Passionate optimism

* Love your work, agree with the company's corporate culture.Love the company, colleagues, and take care of the overall situation.

* Face daily work with a positive and optimistic attitude. Never give up when falling down difficulties and setbacks. Always to be influence and drive colleagues and teams with optimism and winning beliefs.

Professional persistence

* Follow the necessary workflow and no repetitive errors caused by job negligence.

* Continuous learning, self-improvement, and continuous improvement of professional level and comprehensive quality.

* Today's events cannot be pushed to tomorrow. They can prioritize work priorities and do the right thing according to their priorities.

* Follow but not stick to the workflow, make it simple, use small inputs to get bigger work results, and fully reflect the work result oriented.

Embrace change, be brave in innovation

* Do not resist changes advocated by the company and actively participate in the changes advocated by the company.

* Make suggestions for change and dare to challenge existing "laws" or "rules."

* Propose a viable solution to change or lead change.

Strict execution

* Proactively abide by the company's rules and regulations and the company's established resolutions.

* Complete the work in strict accordance with the process.

* According to the target assigned by the company.Find the way to achieve the target activitly, and achieve the target successfully* Stand your ground and there is no excuse.


*  Integrate into the team actively, willing to accept the help of colleagues, and cooperate with the team to finish the work.

* Actively express constructive opinions before the making decisions, and fully participate in the team discussions; After macking the decisions, no matter whether the individual has objections or not,  must fully support it from words and deeds.

* Be proactive share business knowledge and experience; take the initiative to give colleagues the necessary help; be good at using the power of the team to solve problems and difficulty.

* Be good at cooperating with different types of colleagues, do not brilling  personal behavior  into the work, give full expression to the principle of Impersonality.

* Positively influence the team and improve the team morale and atmosphere.


Quality control

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