Analysis of the anti-loose method for the connection of threaded fasteners


There are many anti-loose methods for the connection of […]

There are many anti-loose methods for the connection of threaded fasteners. After a series of small-scale analysis, they can be divided into three categories.
The first is non-detachable anti-loose
This method is a very effective basic anti-loose approach by changing the detachable threaded connection to a non-removable threaded connection by means of welding, gluing or riveting. Its shortcoming is that threaded fasteners can not be used multiple times and the operation is troublesome. It is often used in some important applications that require high reliability and generally do not require disassembly.
The second type is the anti-loose of mechanical fasteners.
A mechanical fastener is used to secure and pin the threaded member between the threaded member and the threaded member and the threaded member to prevent loosening. The advantage of this method is that it is reliable against looseness, and its anti-loose reliability generally depends on the static strength or fatigue strength of the mechanical fastener (or the fastener itself, such as a slotted nut). Its disadvantage is that it increases the weight of the fastening connection, is cumbersome to manufacture and install, and cannot be maneuvered, so the cost is high. Due to its high reliability, some important parts of mechanical products and aerospace products are still widely used.
The third type is anti-loose that increases friction.
This method of anti-loosening is most widely used in the mechanical manufacturing sector and in the aerospace industry. The purpose of preventing loosening is achieved by increasing the friction between the threads or the bolt (screw) head and the nut end face or simultaneously increasing the friction between the two. This kind of anti-loose method is less reliable than the above two methods, but its biggest advantage is that it is not limited by the use space, can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled, can be assembled by motor, and some of the fasteners ( Such as nylon ring lock nut, full metal lock nut), its anti-loose reliability has reached a very high level.


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