Causes of blackening of stainless steel screws and solutions


Usually see some stainless steel screws, cross groove b […]

Usually see some stainless steel screws, cross groove blackened, or tooth threads blackened, wash are not clean. No way, can only do passivation treatment. So lead to stainless steel screw black wash not clean what is the reason! How can we better solve the stainless steel screw black phenomenon? According to experience small make up to tell you about stainless steel screw blackening reasons and solutions.

1、Stainless steel screw blackening cause

The blackening of stainless steel screws is usually caused by too much heat during cold heading or rubbing. Usually in the cross groove part. In the production process, the heat can be dispersed in time by lubricating oil supply, and the machine speed can be lowered appropriately to avoid problems. Of course, stainless steel screw blackening in addition to technical reasons, there may be stainless steel screw itself material problems can also cause stainless steel screw surface blackening.

2、Stainless steel screw blackening solution process

Oil removal - over water - cross groove cleaning agent - over water - neutralization - over water - drying; Heat the stainless steel screw cross groove cleaning agent to 70 degrees, and then put the stainless steel screw products into the cross groove cleaning agent after oil removal, soak for 5-15 minutes, after water, neutralization, blow dry.


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