China screw industry reshapes new economic growth model


Taking the current domestic auto screws as an example, […]

Taking the current domestic auto screws as an example, due to the lack of relevant independent intellectual property rights and loud international brands, the Chinese screw market has gradually become the main battleground for major fastener companies in the world. In terms of screws, screws imported from foreign brands occupy more than 80% of the domestic screw consumer market.
And these well-known brands of screws are assembled on our domestic production process line, and about 60% of the screws in China's automotive industry are purchased through imports. Therefore, according to relevant industry experts, ordinary screws exported by China can only sell for $ 15,000 / ton in overseas markets, but for some imported high-grade screws, it costs $ 10,000 / ton. The difference is At least 7 to 8 times.
And in the imported screw industry, foreign investors only invested 30%, lacked the ability to own about 50% of the company's shares, and took away 70% of profits. China's production Enterprises can only get about 30% of profits.
This is not only related to the ownership of intellectual property rights of screw products, but also part of the objective factors, that is, there is still a certain gap between Chinese screw products and foreign countries in terms of manufacturing and manufacturing. Therefore, Chinese screw enterprises have accelerated industrial development. A long way to go.

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