Chinese screws are still popular in the international market


In life, we need to use all kinds of screws in the mark […]

In life, we need to use all kinds of screws in the market. It can be said that our lives are closely related. Among them, the round head screws are more common. Don't underestimate this small screw, even if it is stronger than the United States, it still needs to import from China. This is mainly because China has the advantages of abundant labor resources, and relying on labor-intensive production methods can greatly reduce costs, so the produced screw products are very popular in the international market. Although the United States is known as the most developed country in the world, it cannot help small screws and almost completely relies on Chinese imports, making the local fastener manufacturers almost disappeared and hard to find.
Of all the exports, the United States is the most important, but because of the financial crisis, the domestic industry once abandoned the international market. After knowing that the impact was gradually weakening, he finally turned the gun slowly and returned straight. Looking into the future of the industry, it can be said that it is still full of hope. This is mainly because the demand for this product in the United States still has a lot of room for growth, which has to be said to be good news. Of course, if all eggs are placed in a basket, the risks are too great, so for the majority of manufacturers, it is necessary to vigorously expand new export channels.


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