Exploring the future of fasteners from the entire manufacturing industry


From the perspective of the development of the entire m […]

From the perspective of the development of the entire manufacturing industry, fasteners are called "industrial rice." Fasteners are usually only a small part of the overall product structure, but they play an important role as an integral part of the product. From the perspective of the application of the world's fastening standard parts, the industry mainly has three major users of the electronics industry, the maintenance and construction industry, and the automobile industry. For example, there are many types of automotive fasteners, which are mainly divided into four categories, including standard fasteners, non-standard fasteners, standard mechanical components and non-standard mechanical components; among them, non-standard fasteners have high quality requirements. Among the non-standard fasteners, engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, wheel bolts, suspension bolts, etc., due to their high quality and good stability, China has not been able to meet localization requirements, and a small part depends on imports.
Due to the lack of attention to fasteners in the automotive industry, the development of automotive fasteners lags far behind the development of the automotive industry. The proportion of fasteners in the finished car is small, but the damage caused by the whole car is very large. The reason for the breakage of the fastener can be analyzed from the following three aspects. The strength of the material used in the fastener is not enough. The fracture occurs under the action of the external load; since the material used for the fastener is unreasonable in the heat treatment process, there are defects such as surface cracks; the fastener is fatigue-fracted under the long-term external load.
In order to produce high-quality fastening standard products, in the process of selecting the steel used for fasteners, the chemical composition of the steel used must be strictly controlled to reduce the content of harmful elements S, P, O in the steel, reduce oxides, and vulcanize. The inclusions have an effect on the cracking during the production of the fastener; during the heat treatment of the fastener, the temperature, time and atmosphere in the heating furnace are strictly controlled to reduce the oxidation and decarburization of the surface of the fastener. Therefore, after mass production is completed, final sorting and inspection must be carried out, such as manual selection, vortex sorting, optical sensing size and contour sorting, and sorting out defective products with obvious defects, such as surface cracks and surfaces. Decarburization and unqualified products to meet customer requirements. Non-defective fasteners are the key to ensuring smooth operation of the assembly line, safe driving of the vehicle and a good reputation of the manufacturer.
Although China's output is huge, fasteners start late compared to foreign countries. Many enterprises have low technology investment, weak technology development, backward technology, long delivery period, and greatly improved quality and lag. The company's innovation strategy is weak, and its independent innovation capability is insufficient. The construction is not perfect. In recent years, foreign fastener enterprises have flooded into China, and the challenges and opportunities of fastener enterprises in China coexist. Domestic fastener companies need to build brands, improve quality, ensure higher parts qualification rates, and strive to achieve zero defect goals.
Although domestic fastener enterprises still have obvious gaps compared with foreign advanced levels, China's fastening standard parts industry has a certain industrial base and advantages after long-term development. Smaller scale, weak technical strength, low-quality competition by inferior raw materials and cut corners, and brand-free fastener companies will be eliminated in transformation and innovation.
From the perspective of the world pattern, China is a big country in the production of fasteners. The world cannot do without China's fastener manufacturing. China also needs the world market. The industry has broad development space whether it is horizontal scale development or vertical technology upgrade. The industry must work hard. Become a strong country in fastener production.


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