How to correctly identify different screw types and differences


The types of screws are also many different. If you can […]

The types of screws are also many different. If you can't correctly identify the different screws, it is easy to understand the inconvenience of life, work and study.
With the development of modern industrial society, people's lives are increasingly colorful. No matter which aspect of people's life, the use of fasteners (especially screws) is indispensable. Screws play a very important role in people's lives. . People's electronic products, furniture, musical instruments, engineering and construction, automobiles, aircraft aerospace and so on are inseparable from the use of screws. It can be said that screws are a major invention in the industrial society.
The following will tell you how to identify the types of screws and their related functions from the head shape. The main types of screw heads are: pan head self-tapping screws, countersunk head tapping screws, hex bolts and so on.
After the pan head self-tapping screws are assembled, the head of the screw protrudes from the surface of the coupled member, and the common head can be exposed. It is one of the most common types of screw heads.
The countersunk head tapping screw is on the surface of the mounting hole on the connecting member, and the head of the flat screw is in the round socket and is flush with the surface of the connecting member. Flat-screws are also used in some occasions with semi-circular head flat screws. These types of screws are more beautiful to use and are often used in applications where the screws are not visible.Hexagon bolts are commonly used nuts for fastening two connected parts with through holes for components.


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