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First, the United States and Canada anti-corrosion syst […]

First, the United States and Canada anti-corrosion system introduction

    Mecca anti-corrosion system provides anti-corrosion function of iron, aluminum and other substrates by primer coating with zinc and aluminum coating. The surface coating contains lubricant, pigment, resin, etc. The ingredients provide lubrication, acid and alkali resistance, and aesthetics.

Unlike the Dacromet system, the Mecca system does not contain Hexavalent chrome. The special composition of the Mecca system provides superior adhesion, heavy corrosion protection, acid and alkali resistance, lubrication, no fear of scratching, anti-static, insulation, stamping and impact. Depending on the needs of the application objects, it has been widely used in automotive parts, MRT, subway parts, construction hardware and other fields. The anti-corrosion effect can reach 5-50 years.

Second, the characteristics of the US and Canada anti-corrosion system:

     1,Meet the needs of environmental protection

It does not contain toxic substances such as hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), heavy metals (Cd, Pb), low VOC, various water-soluble, heavy-duty anti-corrosion systems.

     2, lubrication function

MAGNI Coating offers a coefficient of friction (K-factor, 0.08-0.18) to meet customer needs for automated processing. Applicable to automotive industry standard parts, seat belt sliders.

     3,heavy anti-corrosion

The Mecca MAGNI coating system provides superior corrosion protection through bimetallic corrosion protection and is resistant to salt spray (ASTMB117), 240hrs-6000hrs.

     4, acid and alkali resistance

MAGNI's special acid and alkali resistant preservative system may provide a 15-35 cycle acid mist test (Kesternich test, DIN 50018). It is suitable for heavy-duty anti-corrosion requirements of standard parts such as steam vehicle distribution and roof.

     5, oil, solvent resistant (oil, solvent resistant)

Used in automotive refueling, fuel tanks, brake hoses and other applications.

     6, resistant to stamping, impact, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance

Used in car fuel tanks, chassis parts, subway accessories.

     7, low VOC

The oil-soluble system does not contain high volatility solvents such as benzene and chlorinated solvents.

    8, water-soluble heavy anti-corrosion coating

Water-soluble heavy-duty anti-corrosion system meets the development needs of environmentally friendly coatings.

     9, Thin film protection (Thin film protection)

The coating film has a low film thickness (8-15μm) and a large coating area, which is economical.

    10,Energy conservation

The curing temperature is 180-250. C, lower than Dacromet (310-330.C), short curing time (15-20 minutes), faster than Dacromet (30-35 points), saving energy.

    11, hydrogen embrittlement free (hydrogen embrittlement free)

Suitable for heavy corrosion protection of high strength standard parts.

    12, good flexibility

The coating has good flexibility and is suitable for post-coating pressing.

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