Overseas Bottoms: Screw Fastener Industry Begins


With the recent upsurge of domestic car companies' over […]

With the recent upsurge of domestic car companies' overseas dips, major overseas companies that have not been established for a long time have expressed their hope to acquire some domestic automotive screw fastener suppliers, and China's Geely Automobile has just won the second place in the world. Big transmission company.
There are also some domestic companies that have been in constant discussions with French screw fastener companies in recent March and so on. These are considered to be typical examples of domestic screw fastener company companies going abroad in the financial crisis and tsunami environment. event.
Today, the financial crisis that began last year has led to the current global depression in the fastener industry. However, domestic screw and other related companies are constantly attacking the overseas fastener market, and the trend of overseas dips is rising. trend.
Although the competitive advantages of domestic fasteners and other fastener industries are steadily weakening in the international market, the advantages still exist. If China's fastener industry wants to transform from the world's largest fastener manufacturing country to a world brand power, it still has There is a long way to go, but only to identify the problems and continue to make breakthroughs, I believe that China's screw fastener industry will surely shine on the world stage in the future!

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