• New screw design

    New screw design

    Shearing action The melt and the solid phase fragments which are not melted but pass through Δ are subjected to strong shearing action when passing through Δ. b. Mixing effect The material entering the discharge chute creates turbulence in the tank for mixing. 4, features a. If properly designed, th... Read More

    17-05-2019 News
  • Technical requirements for bolt fastening

    Technical requirements for bolt fastening

    Inspection of flange fasteners: First, the gasket When installing, make sure the gasket is new and clean and dry, and check the gasket for defects and damage. The gasket cannot be reused under any circumstances. Before installation, confirm that the size and grade of the gasket used are the same as ... Read More

    24-05-2019 News
  • What are the common reasons for not cutting the screw

    What are the common reasons for not cutting the screw

    In the processing of plastic products, there are often many questions from the forest, and the screw of the injection molding machine is not one of the common problems. Such a question: the screw is in normal operation, but it is not blank. It is probably composed of the following elements: 1, plast... Read More

    25-05-2019 News
  • Self-locking nuts

    Self-locking nuts

    High-strength self-locking nuts: A classification of self-locking nuts with a high strength and high reliability side. Mainly based on the introduction of European technology, it is used in road construction machinery, mining machinery, vibration machinery and equipment, etc. Currently, there are ve... Read More

    28-05-2019 News
  • Selection criteria for drywall nails

    Selection criteria for drywall nails

    First, the product introduction: The drywall screw series is one of the most important categories in the entire fastener product line. This product is mainly used in the installation of various gypsum board, lightweight partition wall and ceiling ceiling series. The name of the drywall screw is dire... Read More

    29-05-2019 News

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