Reasons and solutions for installing PVC plastic steel tile screws


1. Screw material problem, many installers like to use […]

1. Screw material problem, many installers like to use some screws with high hardness and easy to drill. In fact, most of these screws are high in carbon content. Drilling is easy, but lack of toughness and windy. Or when the roof tile expands, it is easy to break when it is stressed.
2. Many small factory screws on the market are non-standard. The diameter of the screws is very small and there is very little galvanization on the outside. After the screws are screwed in, the screws will be ground or broken quickly, and the exposed parts are also exposed. It is easy to rust and cause the screw to break.
3. The installation method is not correct. The expansion coefficient of PVC plastic steel tile and self-drilling screw is different. When PVC plastic steel tile is inflated and contracted, it may produce a large pulling force. The thicker the pulling force of the tile, the more likely it is to cause the tile screw to break or the tile to crack. .
1. When selecting materials, pay attention to whether the self-tapping screws meet the national standard, so it is not easy to break. The price is higher than ordinary screws, but the use is more reliable. If you know how to galvanize, you will know the corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. Good performance means that the use of long years, the material does not have too high a screw, it is brittle and easy to break, so choose a screw that is too high in carbon but not too low. If the carbon content is too low, it will not be able to enter. To choose a proportionally balanced screw.
2. Our company is geared to the problem of easy breakage of screws. All the self-tapping screws are specially customized with thick screws, which solves the problem of screw breakage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of roof tiles.
3. When installing PVC plastic steel tile, be sure to pay attention to the first expansion of the hole above the tile, reserve the thermal expansion and contraction space of the tile, and add a soft waterproof pad between the tile and the screw. This will avoid leakage of the roof and prolong the service life of the tiles and screws.


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