Talking about the technical standards of Chinese fasteners


In recent years, China's national economic development […]

In recent years, China's national economic development has maintained an 8% growth rate, which has brought good opportunities to the development of the fastener industry. The recovery of the world economy, with an average growth rate of 4%, has also brought business opportunities to the development of the fastener industry. Feng Jinyao believes that China's fastener industry continues to develop in the market competition, and has development potential that cannot be underestimated. Although China is currently a large fastener country, the annual output is expected to be 5 million tons per year, and the annual consumption of steel is about 6 million tons. However, the development of cold-heading steel for fasteners is relatively late, and the varieties and specifications of fastener steels are relatively small, which cannot meet the domestic demand and export of fasteners.
Fasteners are the most common general-purpose basic parts with large volume and wide area. They are closely connected with the steel industry at all levels. The manufacture of fasteners can be steel, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, titanium alloys or other engineering materials. Processing methods It can be hot working and cutting, but more than 90% are processed by cold heading and cold pressing. The products manufactured by this process have high precision, good quality and high production efficiency. China's fastener industry has maintained two positions for five consecutive years. Number of solid growth.
Even if the cold heading steel for cold heading processing fasteners meets the qualified wire in the standard range required by the standard, more specific requirements for the characteristics of the fastener industry are required, and steel mills need to cooperate closely with downstream users. The improvement of the manufacturing level of Chinese fastener companies is inseparable from the improvement of fastener materials. The development of new cold heading materials is also inseparable from the fastener companies. The development of the fastener industry is inseparable from the support of the steel industry. . As long as the two have established good cold heading processing cooperation, both the fastener industry and the steel industry will achieve better development.

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