The anti rust method of the screw has packaging rust prevention and gas phase rust prevention


There are many ways to prevent rust from screws, such a […]

There are many ways to prevent rust from screws, such as galvanizing rust, oil rust, gas phase rust and so on. The anti-rust oil is a very simple anti-rust method. There are two kinds of anti-rust oil, one of which is oily and the other is water-based. Personally feel that water is good, but from a visual point of view, oily may be accepted by everyone. As long as the water is sprayed on the screw, the oily one should be brushed on the screw. But this kind of oil is 10 liters a barrel (minimum) for hundreds of dollars, and this method is temporary rust prevention. The better rust prevention method is galvanizing, galvanizing is also divided into many kinds of plating methods, hot dip galvanizing has the best effect, or other materials can be plated, but galvanizing is relatively cheaper. If you use the screws for your own use, it is recommended to buy stainless steel. The 316 material is the best material available on the market.
The sealed screws are rust-proof and rust-proof. For example, they are wrapped with gas-phase rust-proof materials, coated with anti-rust oil, and sealed with dry air. The screws in use are used to avoid rain erosion. They can be coated with anti-rust oil, but they should be recoated frequently. Anti-rust oil.
Gas phase rust prevention is a relatively new rust prevention method. Gas phase rust prevention is a rust prevention method using gas phase corrosion inhibitor technology for corrosion protection. The vapor phase corrosion inhibitor can continue to be relatively slow vaporization at normal temperature and evaporate. The corrosion-inhibiting gas adheres to the surface of the shiny screw to form a relatively smooth protective film. The protective film can effectively prevent the erosion of the screw by air, moisture and other factors, because the vapor phase corrosion inhibitor is continuously evaporated and can be internally The space has always been "saturated", so long-term, stable, and excellent rust-preventing results can be obtained.


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