The development of domestic fasteners will face severe blows from multinational companies


Chinese fasteners have made the world pay attention to […]

Chinese fasteners have made the world pay attention to the target development speed. While surprising the prosperous country, they have also discovered a new type of large market in which multinational companies have entered. As a result, when international companies suddenly felt that life in the market was so difficult, they looked around and saw strong competitors everywhere.
In the comprehensive analysis and comparison of the statistics of the China Fastener Association, it can be seen that the products of foreign trade of Chinese fastener companies are mostly classified as high-end products with low technological content. The most important thing is to enter the international market with the disadvantage of high price competition. Without knowing the target foreign trade market, consciously foreign trade, so that products are concentrated in most markets, so they bargain with each other and seize market share.
If there is no central technology, from the perspective of world division of labor, Chinese fastener companies will be able to work more and more in the lowest value chain, and the highest value chain is occupied by others. The amount of fasteners we find and the value of fasteners we find will grow larger and larger.
On the one hand, in the international market competition, more and more multinational companies slow down to enter China. After adjusting its strategy to China, relying on its own technical disadvantages, it has seized more and more market share in the Chinese market, which has made international fastener companies face increasing competition pressure and living environment. Stubborn. Under such circumstances, anti-promotion inspections and prosecutions can easily come to Chinese fastener companies.

The provocation on the other hand comes from the international market. The low cost has made Chinese fastener companies appear disordered in the process of foreign trade. The indirect result is that the cases that have affected Chinese fastener companies' anti-sales in the past two years are gradually appearing. Anti-marketing tax rates will make the cost and price disadvantages of Chinese products completely lost.
Technological R & D was a relatively well-recognized "soft underbelly" in competition. For multinational companies, it has become a "weapon" to make their foundation lasting. It has become an obvious fact. But whether it has been grasped by international companies and become a "weapon", it was obviously too early to answer inevitably. To this day, there are still many companies that shout that "independent R & D" is very important, while they refuse to increase investment in technology research and development, making "R & D and prosperity" an empty talk.
According to inspections, the top 500 most fastener-growing enterprises in China rarely grow with central technology. This is a weakness of Chinese enterprises. Among the top 500 companies, most of them are still relying on cheap, low cost and economies of scope. In the context of global competition, can our resource monopoly disadvantage rival the central technology disadvantage of multinational companies? Can our cost disadvantage compete with the brand disadvantage of multinational companies' products? Can we live better?

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