The development of new markets is the shortcut for the future development of the screw industry


For some established industrial enterprises, each enter […]

For some established industrial enterprises, each enterprise's own advantages, such as having high-quality products, or having relatively perfect after-sales service, more advanced enterprise management, or paying more attention to the cultivation of talents, etc. These are all intangible assets of the company. Therefore, for industrial enterprises such as screw fasteners, it is the ultimate reason for the development of enterprises to continuously pursue development in the above aspects!
At the same time, related companies should also effectively use their own advantages, continuously exert their own advantages, and at the same time continuously transform some basic industrial advantages into a springboard for the development of the enterprise, in order to cover the original main business and profit acquisition On the basis of the premise, we continue to develop some other advantageous products, advantageous technologies, and undeveloped markets.
There is also the need to focus on improving the industrial technology. For the screw industry, we must continue to increase the absorption of advanced strong parts technology, and at the same time, we must continue to reduce product raw materials and labor costs in order to obtain better profit margin . Moreover, since China joined the WTO, the national government has continually advocated the idea of ​​environmentally friendly and green development of enterprises. This is undoubtedly an opportunity for related companies to change and improve.


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