The production of domestic fasteners needs to break through technological difficulties


In addition to the quality of thread fasteners, in addi […]

In addition to the quality of thread fasteners, in addition to materials, forming equipment and thread processing equipment and molds (production technology and equipment) are the primary factors to ensure their quality. Especially under the condition of large quantities and multiple varieties of delivery, automotive fasteners that require high processing accuracy, how to ensure product uniformity and defect prevention is one of the problems facing fastener production.
Among the manufacturing equipment and thread processing equipment of the surveyed fastener companies, domestic brand equipment accounts for about 0.4, Taiwan-made equipment accounts for 0.5, and imported (US, European, and Japanese) equipment accounts for about 0.1; common defects include excessive tolerances in size and shape, Folded head, broken thread, etc. For the introduction of high-efficiency, high-precision special machine tools, domestic fastener companies are also investigating and exploring. For example, Shanghai Yizhong Company spent 14 million yuan in 2004 to introduce a Swiss Herdbar five-station cold heading machine; Dongfeng Automobile Standard Parts The company introduced the cold forming equipment of Italian SACMA Company; SAIC Motor introduced the online eddy current sorter of American GI Company. Zh
At present, due to capital or other differences, domestic fastener factories mostly use domestic fastener equipment and equipment to manufacture automotive fasteners. To ensure the large-scale production of high-end fastener products, Form and position tolerances should be enhanced by online monitoring and mold making.


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