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That is, teeth, also known as lead screws. It is the na […]

That is, teeth, also known as lead screws. It is the name of Han furniture parts in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. No corresponding standard is found in the national standard, corresponding to threaded rod din975. Names vary by location. Generally, the components connecting the two legs are set under the surface frame. The furniture with a girdle is the main connecting part below the girdle. Those located in other parts are generally renamed dental strips. In addition, it is also used in buildings, especially for decoration.


  1. Correct selection of threaded rods


1) Before use, confirm whether the mechanical properties of the product meet the customer's use requirements (such as the tensile strength of bolts and the safety load of nuts).


2) The length of the bolt shall be selected appropriately, subject to 1-2 thread pitches of the nut exposed after tightening.


3) The threads of the front teeth shall be kept clean.


  1. How to use the threaded rodcorrectly

1) When tightening the threaded rod, pay attention to that the force application direction of the wrench should coincide with the axis of the screw, and do not tilt.


2) In the process of tightening, the force shall not exceed the safe torque and shall be even. Try to use a torque wrench or socket together.


3) Too fast locking speed will lead to locking. It is recommended not to use electric or pneumatic wrenches.


4) Keep the thread clean. In order to ensure the smooth coordination of screws and nuts, it is recommended to put the product in a clean container for use. Do not place it at will.


  1. Standard for maintenance of dental strips


1) If there is slight damage to the removed threaded rod, screw and nut, it shall be repaired with die and tap.


2) The removed and repaired threaded rods, screws and nuts shall be maintained by oil bubble or lubricating oil, and shall be placed neatly according to the specification, model and purpose.

  1. Scrap standard
  2. The bolts with obvious cracks, broken threads, sliding dead, disorderly threads, tensile deformation of screw, shear marks and other irreparable bolts identified by the site leaders can be scrapped.    find from

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