What are the content standards for each fastener product


In many eyes, the small screw seems to be no surprise, […]

In many eyes, the small screw seems to be no surprise, but it is precisely this unremarkable little thing that plays a very important role in people's lives. In the development of almost all industries, all kinds of products including stainless steel screws are inseparable. What makes the people proud is that China's fastener industry also has a very exciting performance on the world stage. All kinds of domestic fastener products are not only excellent in quality and low in price, but also loved by people all over the world. market share.
However, in recent times, the industry has faced unprecedented dilemmas. Due to the rapid expansion of the export of fastener products in China, many countries are frightened, fearing that the country's trade has adopted many trade barriers, and anti-dumping lawsuits have been launched against China's exports. While Chinese companies are not afraid of challenges, they dare to face the lawsuit bravely and cite a lot of factual evidence. However, the EU countries ignore it. .
In daily life, we often need to use a variety of stainless steel screws. It can be said that the fastener industry has an extremely large market demand in China, and it is basically owned by both geographically advantageous people. However, the recent development of the industry is not optimistic at all.
According to the analysis, the main reason is that one day and time, just as the so-called opportunity is not lost, the time will not come. China's fastener industry can be described as a leak in the rain, not only encountered trade barriers in Europe and the United States, but also coincided with the skyrocketing global steel prices, which can be described as worse. More unlucky things happened one after another, and then there have been changes in the appreciation of the RMB and the increase in labor costs. All of these have led to increasing costs within the industry and added more pressure.
In this situation, the industry has suffered unimaginable losses, and many companies can only close their doors. More companies still survive in the face of adversity. How can they further develop themselves? Many successful examples have already given a good answer, that is, relying on technology, continuously increasing investment in technology, accelerating the upgrading of products, and constantly expanding new marketing channels, thus achieving a major change in the industry in one fell swoop.
1. Standards for fastener product dimensions: specify the basic dimensions of the product; products with threads also include the basic dimensions of threads, thread endings, shoulder distances, undercuts and chamfers, and ends of externally threaded parts Size and other aspects.
2. Standards for technical conditions of fastener products. Specifically, the following standards are included:
1) Standards for fastener product tolerances: specify the tolerances of product dimensions and geometric tolerances.
2) Standards for the mechanical properties of fastener products: specify the marking method of the mechanical performance grade of the product and the content of the mechanical performance items and requirements; some fastener products will change this content to product material performance or work performance Aspects.
3) Standards for surface defects of fastener products: specify the types and specific requirements of product surface defects.
4) Standards for surface treatment of fastener products: specify the types of product surface treatment and specific requirements.
5) Standards for the testing of fastener products: specify the test content of the above various performance requirements.
Third, fastener product acceptance inspection, marking and packaging standards: specify the quality level and sampling plan of the random inspection items of the product during factory inspection and acceptance, as well as product marking methods and packaging requirements.
Fourth, the standard of fastener product labeling method: specify the content of the product's complete labeling method and simplified labeling method.


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