Why the injection molding machine screw will not be unloaded


1. If the newly replaced screw is not unloaded, the des […]

1. If the newly replaced screw is not unloaded, the design of the screw and the barrel of the barrel may not be appropriate. For the screw, the screw groove of the feeding section of the screw is too shallow, so that the screw cannot drive the plastic forward when it rotates. Or the amount of material to be conveyed is small; for the barrel, it is the design of the discharge port.

2. Too much oil is added to the plastic, causing the screw to slip.

3. The plastic granules are too large to cause bridging, and the plastic can be pulverized again.

4. The bottom of the barrel is clogged and check to see if there is a molten plastic block bonded here.

5. The temperature control is not accurate, the rear end temperature of the barrel is too high, the temperature setting is adjusted, and the cooling water path can be checked for blockage.

6. The screw and the barrel are worn, or the wear of the rubber ring is caused, so that the leakage of the plastic is not sent to the front end of the barrel.

7. The screw appears enveloping phenomenon - the plastic wraps around the screw and rotates.

8. Add too much material in the plastic.



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