Roofing Screw

Roofing Screw

Jiaxing Qimu Trading Co., Ltd.

Product Details

Roofing Screws are mostly made with a Hex Washer Head Self Drilling Screw paired up with an EPDM rubber washer, bonding washer, or umbrella washer. And color painted on the head to match the color of the sheet metal. Qimu can match the color required to the RAL to create the color that you need.

Surface finishing: Plain,White/Yellow Zinc Plated,Black, Dacromet, Ruspert, Phosphated;

Standard:DIN,ASTM,JIS,BS,AS,ISO,GB, (according to your order);

Material:Carbon steel,Stainless steel;


Length:½″- 6″;

Packaging Details:bulk packing in cartons, then put on pallets, or as per your requests.

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