Reasonable Price Stainless Wood Construction Screw

Reasonable Price Stainless Wood Construction Screw

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Product Details

Reasonable Price Stainless Wood Construction Screw


Surface finishing: Plain,White/Yellow Zinc Plated,Black, Dacromet, Ruspert, Phosphated;

Standard:DIN,ASTM,JIS,BS,AS,ISO,GB, (according to your order);

Material:Carbon steel,Stainless steel;


Length:½″- 6″;

Packaging Details:bulk packing in cartons, then put on pallets, or as per your requests.


Main categories

         The common types of wood construction screw are iron and copper. The types of wood construction screw can be divided into round head type and round head type.Other Samples of wood construction screw :Flat head type, elliptical head type, there are two kinds of groove screw and cross groove screw on the head. Generally, round head screw is made of soft steel and is blue. Flat head screw is polished. Oval head screw is usually plated with cadmium and chromium. It is often used to install hinge, hook and other hardware accessories. Specifications are determined by rod diameter, length and type of nail head.

Matters needing attention

       The advantage of wood construction screw is that its consolidation ability is stronger than that of nail joint, and it can be removed and replaced, so it does not hurt wood surface.

       This is a nail specially designed for wood. When it enters the wood, it will be firmly embedded in it. If the wood is not rotten, it is impossible to pull it out. Even if it is pulled out forcibly, it will bring the nearby wood out. Another point to note is that wood screw must be screwed in with a screwdriver. Never hammer in, it will damage the surrounding wood.

        Installing screw driver of wood construction screw tool is its loading and unloading tool. Its shape matches the groove shape of wood construction screw head and has two kinds of shape: one is a word and the other is a special screw mounted on bow drill, which is suitable for loading and unloading larger wood screw. It is convenient and labor-saving to use.

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